ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN  
Course Index: AS01BA

Equivalent to the first two years of the Bachelors Degree in Business Administration.
Year One and Two           Minimum of 60 Credits  in fulfillment of the Degree
Introductions:  This program normally requires two years of course work beyond the high school diploma.  
Following are the Education requirements for the Associate Degree.
-        No less than 65 semester credits of coursework.
-        A minimum grade point average of 2.00 (C).
-        Completion of the General Core Component.
-        Up to one credit in physical education may be earned.
-        A cumulative grade point average of 2.25(C+) for courses in the major field.

The Objectives of the Associate Degree:
- To prepare the student with the essential prerequisite for further studies.
- To equip the student with specialised knowledge to enter the work force as a well rounded business
- To develop competencies which satisfy the needs of a changing global economy.
- To create a formal foundation for continuous learning.

General Education Requirements:

1. General Studies:   24 CREDITS
-  Two courses in the social sciences:  (sociology, psychology, economics, political sciences, international
-  Two courses in Mathematics.
-  Two courses in English.
-  One course in Information Technology or equivalent proficiency.
-  One course in Religion.
2. Core Component :    29 Credits.
3. Electives:                      9 Credits

2. Core Components:   29 CREDITS        
BA 101 Business Organisation and Environment (3)
BA 102 Effective Business Communication (3)
BA 103 Principles of Management  (3)
BA 201 Principles of Accounting 1  - Financial Accounting  (3)
BA 202 Principles of Accounting 11- Managerial Accounting  (3)
BA 203 Principles of Human Resource Management (3)
BA 205 Principles of Marketing and Promotions  (3)
BA 207 Principles of Business Law (3)
BA 208 Business Ethics (3)
BA 307 Internship Writing and Communication (2)

3. Electives :                               9 CREDITS
Choose a specialisation from the following:

AS01-1.  Management
BA 314   Managing Finances (3)
BA321     Supervisory Management (3)
BA 421    Office Administration (3)

AS01-11. Financial Accounting
Prerequisite: BA 201-02 Accounting  1-11       
EC 302  Money and Banking (3)
BA 322  Microcomputer Applications in Accounting (3)
BA 314  Managing Finance (3)

AS01-111.  Human Resource Management
BA329      Industrial Relations (3)
BA320 Personnel Training and Development (3)
BA321 Supervisory Management (3)

AS01-1V.  Office Administration
Prerequisites: Keying 1-11   
BA  315  Managing Information (3)
BA  421  Office Administration (3)    
IT 201    Communication, Document Production, Data Management and Integration  (3)

ASO1-V.  Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Pre-requisites: IT 101-102
IT 201  Communication, Document Production, Data Management and Integration  (3)
IT 203  Presentation Authoring (3)
IT 205  Business Charts (3)   

AS01-V1. Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Options
Choose from Unit 1-30: courses totaling maximum 135 hrs/9 Credits
Unit 1  Introduction to Travel and Tourism and Hospitality Services (15 hrs)
Unit 2. Hotel Reception & Front Office Management (15 hrs)
Unit 3. Cookery, Bakery and Food Service (15 hrs)
Unit 4. Food and Beverage Service (15 hrs)
Unit 5. Hotel Housekeeping (15 hrs)
Unit 6. Applied Customer Care (15 hrs)
Unit 7. Airline Operations(15 hrs)
Unit 8. Conversational French for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality 1-11(60 hrs)
Unit 9 & 10. Conversational Spanish for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality 1-11 (60 hrs)
Unit 11 & 12. Conversational English for Travel, Tourism and Hospitality (15hrs)
Unit 13. Event and Entertainment Management (15 hrs)
Unit 14. Grooming and Professionalism (15 hrs)
Unit 15 & 16. Spa Management 1- 11(60 hrs)
Unit 17. Travel Agency Services and Operations(15 hrs)
Unit 18. International Business and Leisure Travel (15 hrs)
Unit 19. Specialised Tourism (15 hrs)
Unit 20. Destination Management (15 hrs)
Unit 21. Tour Planning, Design and Marketing (15 hrs)
Unit 22. Travel Organisations (15 hrs)
Unit 23 & 24.  Entertainment Coordinating and the Performing Arts (60 hrs)
Unit 25. Geography of Travel and Tourism (W. Hemisphere) (15 hrs)        
Unit 27. Hospitality and Tourism Law (15 hrs)
Unit 28. Spa and Health Club Operations (15 hrs)

AS01-V11. Free Electives
Choose from courses in the department, to the total of 9 credits

Other specialisation to be added for Fall 08 Session:

AS0I-V111    Legal Office Mangement/Paralegalism

AS01-1X       Health Care Administration

AS01-X          Early Childhood/Day Care  Centre Management

AS01-X1        Environmental Management

AS01-X11      International Business Communication-Spanish

AS01-X111    International Business Communication-French

AS01-X1V      Spa Management

AS01-XV        Fashion Design and Textile

This is an Undergraduate Programme approved for the Work and Travel-USA .
On Campus Classes
Distant Learning
Study Abroad Programme